Crop Protection

Everyday your crops are at risk of attack from pests and diseases.

Our range of innovative crop and plant protection chemicals and pesticides ensures that you come out on top, and ensure the best results from your crops.

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Protect your plants from deadly weeds with our range of pre and post emergent herbicides. Designed to not only kill a wide range of different weeds, but also to protect the essential moisture in your soil and increase your crop harvest.


We know how to deal with fungus. Our range of agricultural fungicide products cover a myriad of crop types against debilitating fungus outbreaks that can cause serious damage to the size and quality of your yield.


Controlling and inhibiting the spread of insects is vital to protecting your crops. Our range of insecticides and biological pest control products use specially formulated chemicals to disrupt the insect breeding process and stop insects, their eggs and larvae right in their tracks.